Who’s the most hated man in zip code 39090?

I am, that’s who.

Mailing CDs

Imagine that you can see over my shoulder as I took this photograph. There, you would see a long line of people all with faces fixed in some state of exasperation.

Yesterday afternoon, I went to my local Post Office and mailed the Kickstarter reward CDs. I got there just after lunch and there was nobody ahead of me. I waited for the shift change to finish, leaving only one guy to wait on anyone who came in. I stepped up to the counter and we got to work. And then, a bunch of people hoping to get the jump on others and get through with their mailing business quickly began to stack up. I didn’t dare look back for I was convinced that if I did, their dagger-like stares would do me in. I’m pretty sure I heard a bit of grumbling though and at least one joke of someone trying to break the tension.

Mr. Post Office man eventually gave me some stamps and sent me off to a corner to get the job done. Tension relieved. Mission accomplished.

For all of you who gave $25 or more to this project, I hope you enjoy your copy when it gets to you (for you local backers, I hope to deliver yours to you today).


One thought on “Who’s the most hated man in zip code 39090?

  1. If those in line behind you could only hear the beautiful songs on that stack of CDs, there would definitely have been no “hate.” 😉

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