My roots are deep in the red clay hills of Mississippi (the native soil of many an outstanding American musician, composer, and author). Having grown up in the old river town of Natchez, I was influenced by both its graces and its vices as I passed through youth. I played guitar with some great, young players who went on to make music their life’s work. My path was different, and so was my music during the college years where I arranged steel-string acoustic accompaniments, leads and fills, and performed with a friend who was a prolific Christian singer/songwriter.

Unfortunately, during my career-building years in business (taking my new bride and me from Charlotte to Atlanta to Memphis), I have since figured that there was probably a thirteen year period when I didn’t take my guitar out of the case. I did, however, put pen to paper or fingers to computer keyboard and renew my love affair with writing prose in a variety of styles during that dull, exciting, humbling, learning, yearning time.

And then, we were called back home to the Magnolia State. Having now lived in Mississippi again since 1999, I have experienced what I can only describe as a compulsion to create. The contexts of my past experiences and current inspirations have been fertile ground. And thanks be to God who gifted me with the ability to hear, to feel, and then to play, compose, and write — and also to some dear creative friends — I’m capturing life’s stories and setting them to music and text.

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