When You’re Nervous to Click “Submit”

Submitting KICKSTARTER Project GraphicI don’t remember ever being quite so edgy about clicking a “Submit” button on the Web. I suppose when you’ve put as many hours as I have into filming, writing, editing, changing, then changing again my KICKSTARTER project submission for my upcoming EP, video, and EBook release, it’s to be expected. Then again, that’s just me. I do tend to over-examine and over-analyze everything: a trait desired in brain surgeons but not so much in songwriters and musicians.

After all the “What’s Gone Before” music project isn’t brain surgery, and it’s not world peace. But it is something that I hope is used to make us think. And in a way, I know it will be a part of the mark I leave on this world while I’m here.

And so, I nervously clicked the button and now wait to see if the project is approved and whether I will raise the funds needed to really do the project right (the quality of the EP will be stellar no matter since I’ve already paid for most of its production, but the video, album art, etc. would suffer if I had to do it on my own dime). My hope, of course, is that this project will resonate beyond the inside of my own head and that there will be those who believe in its vision and want to support it.

We’ll see.