When your percussion table is your dining room table, you should…

Makeshift Percussion TableA. Reserve it for percussion gear only (no food/beverages)
B. Get a bigger table
C. Let go of $576 for the LP Percussion Table and LP Table Extension Wing
D. Get somebody to build one for you
E. None of the above

Fortunately in my case, the mess doesn’t have to persist and no, the answer is not E. None of the above. The chaos pictured here is neither handy nor practical. This is only the gear I’m needing for this particular recording session but if I were to add back in both congas, the half dozen or so other shakers, and chimes well, you get the picture. Reaching for anything in this configuration and doing it alternately in different parts of a tune and without missing the beat is out of the question.

And so, the correct answer is D. Get somebody to build one for you. If any of you know my immediate family and are willing to put forth the most likely candidate to successfully build such a percussion table for me, replies to this post and welcome and encouraged.