What I’m Listening To: The Strong. The Majestic. Olympic Athletes, or Olympic Buglers?

NBC Olympics 2012 LogoWhile watching the men’s cycling road race this morning on NBC for my first dose of OlympicObsession, I felt the need for another dose…a musical one.

Of all the composers who score films or have ever done so, John Williams’ name must rank in the company of the best ever. This past 4th of July, public television’s “A Capitol Fourth” had Mr. Williams come to the podium and conduct what has come to be known as the “Olympic Fanfare” or the “Olympic Theme”. It was a positively breathtaking aural and visual music experience and if you ever get the chance to see a replay of it, by all means, do it!

So in honor of the spirit of the world’s greatest athletes and in gratitude for John Williams’ great gift for composing truly great music, here is one of the grandest pieces of music I have ever heard.
“Bugler's Dream / Olympic Fanfare” by John Williams