What I’m Listening To: Something very special.

JT at Christmas Album ArtBefore I heard the voice, with the first couple bars of instrumentation, I knew that I was listening to greatness. Combine James Taylor’s voice with Dave Grusin’s piano and an orchestral arrangement by Mr. Grusin and the tune could be about Corn Flakes and it would be brilliant. But this song isn’t about breakfast cereal.

On my way home from a photo shoot in Macon, Mississippi this morning, I jammed my iPhone’s Shazam app toward the car’s speakers and was rewarded immediately by the album art pictured here and the name of the song, Some Children See Him. The Him is “the Lord of Heav’n to Earth come down”. I haven’t been able to stop listening ever since. I now have a favorite Christmas song and a contender for The Most Beautiful Song Ever Recorded.

Enjoy, and be blessed by, this stream of musical and songwriting excellence.

“Some Children See Him” by James Taylor

2 thoughts on “What I’m Listening To: Something very special.

  1. Oh, it is so beautiful. James Taylor’s voice really sounded magnificent. Perfect song for the perfect season.

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