What I’m Listening To: It’s a small world and we’re all connected.

Mandy Barnett Album ArtWhen my wife brought this CD home from her visit to Nashville and my daughters and son-in-law, I had to laugh out loud. Not because the artist is a joke; far from it. She’s got a stellar voice and delivers brilliant performances on the record.

What I found amusing and kind of stunning was that in Mandy Barnett I got a reminder of just how connected we all are to each other. Back in the ‘90s, my oldest and one of my very best muso buddies, Kevin Dukes, was touring with Ms. Barnett and as they passed through Memphis he gave me a call. Long story short, I met him at the gig and afterwards took Kev and a contingent from the band to Interstate Bar-B-Q on Third Street at I-55 for arguably the best pork shoulder sandwich in the known universe. But the connectedness doesn’t stop there.

In 2011, nearly twenty years after the BBQ run with the band, my daughter Sarah Emily — Nashville audio engineer par excellence — engineered and did some digital editing for this recording at Omnisound Studios.

Yep. Small world. Crazy.
“Crazy” by Mandy Barnett