What I’m Listening To: Independence Day, 2012

American Miniatures Album ArtOther than “Livin’ in America” by James Brown (“witcha baaaad self!”), the music I most like to listen to on the Fourth of July is what I would call Americana Classical (i.e., orchestral music that evokes mental images of spacious skies, amber waves of grain, purple mountains’ majesty…well, you get the idea. Of the symphonic composers that seem to do that for me are, foremost, Aaron Copland, but also men like Virgil Thomson and Samuel Barber.

And so, featured today from a record entitled “American Miniatures” is Aaron Copland’s “Letter From Home.”

“Letter From Home” by Aaron Copland

Awww, I can’t play one Copland song on 7/4 without including the majestic, the grand “Fanfare for the Common Man.” This’ll get you charged up before the fireworks displays.
“Fanfare For the Common Man” by Aaron Copland