When I’ve Got Words But Not Musical Words

Many winters ago, and a few years after picking up the guitar and beginning the process of playing and writing instrumental music, I also began writing words; no, not lyrics to be set to music, but essays, journal entries, and a variety of musings. This has continued somewhat in my leisure over the intervening years and lots in my professional lives, but the process of taking thought from inspiration and ultimately getting it down where someone else might read the produce seems to be gaining momentum again.

From time to time, it is my intent to post such pieces of original writing here in this space. If you want to screen out the “My Music” stuff—talk, info, updates on my original music or music ideas and opinions—and go straight to the “My Words” content described here, just do the following. New on the menu bar on this site is a selection titled “Words-NOT-Lyrics.” Click here now to go there, and then add this page of some of my selected musings to your browser’s Bookmarks or Favorites or Reading List.