The Greatest?

"Aaron Copland Greatest Hits" Album ArtI like classical music. Well, at least some classical music. And I suppose that of all the classical composers, America’s own Aaron Copland has to be my favorite. While I’m only familiar with a handful of American symphonic composers, I will pose this question to you all.

Is Copland the greatest American composer…ever?

Listen to his “Quiet City” or “Letter From Home” or “El Salón México” or, of course, “Fanfare for the Common Man” or all of them, or any of his other works and give me your answer.

2 thoughts on “The Greatest?

  1. Copeland has always been my one of my favorites. I probably first heard his music (and knew what I was hearing) in college. it was probably the countless thousands of hours of watching old westerns AND cartoons as a kid that made it sound SO familiar to me. Those were awesome soundtracks. My first real awareness of listening to a piece of music and being transported to another time and place.I know less than nothing about music, but I know when something moves me. I listen to the first few notes of anything by Copeland, and I am on some wide-open mesa in Utah or Wyoming with giant flat-topped peaks way off in the distance. Of course, on horseback. Never been to those environs, and maybe once in my life have I been on a horse. But Copeland takes me there.

    Another American favorite: Samuel Barber.

    • Paul, you are SO DEAD ON RIGHT about how Copland transports to another time and place. It works the same way for me with his music. Quintessential Americana.

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