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RSS (Really Simple Syndication) Newsfeed IconFor anyone reading this post that recognizes this graphic to be that of RSS (Really Simple Syndication) newsfeed technology–what that means, and what it means specifically to you–all you need to know about how RSS applies here on my site is in the next sentence.

I’ve now added two RSS icons at the top of the right-hand sidebar menu of this site as an easy way for you to subscribe to all the posts and comments that appear on

There, that was easy. If RSS is old news to you, simply click the icons mentioned above to get me in your favorite newsreader and stop reading here. Enjoy!

But, if you are new to RSS newsfeeds and would like to know how they might help you, read on. RSS technology helps two types of Internet users:

  1. People who create web sites and put stuff on them (“content” in Internet language), and…
  2. People who read the blogs and other content that the people in category 1 create

This works when Internet content creators set up RSS “newsfeeds” of their content and when other Internet users subscribe to those newsfeeds so that they may be kept up to date on their favorite websites. Still unclear as to why this is potentially a big deal?

Simply put, subscribing to a newsfeed of a site you like and want to keep up with means that when something gets added to that site, your newsreader app (whether on a desktop computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone) lets you know that there’s something new. You then use the newsreader app to read the new thing in one, centralized reading environment. For instance, I use Google’s excellent Google Reader ( It’s free, easy to use, and available on every one of the computing devices I just mentioned. In Google Reader, I’ve got subscriptions to favorite news sites, blogs, and lots more so that when I want to see anything that’s new, all I have to do is glance down at my handheld device’s newsreader app and see if there are any new things that have been published. If so, I tap the icon, read my favorite feeds and then go about my business knowing that on every other computer, smartphone, or tablet device I go to, Google Reader will be smart enough to know that I’ve already read the latest items and only show me ones I have not yet reviewed.

Well, I think that’s enough for now. If you are interested but are still a bit puzzled, click here to see a brief explanation and get further direction. Then come back here, click one of the RSS icons at the top of this site’s right-hand sidebar and subscribe.

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