Studio Prep

Here I am in my eldest’s apartment-turned-makeshift-studio getting ready for my time in studio (Omnisound Studios, Nashville) tomorrow evening. I’ll be tracking acoustic guitars and percussion on a tune that strikes a deeply sad chord as it seeks to tell a difficult story in the history of my land.Tribal Drum

The song is called “Dancing Rabbit” and will need a tribal drum (enough hints as to the story line). Though this is more on the lines of an African drum, it should serve the purpose well.

So with the rough mix on a loop, I’m getting the various percussion parts ready for recording. Soon to come, more details on my present recording project and when to expect samples and final tracks.

One thought on “Studio Prep

  1. I can’t wait to hear the fruits of your labors! Give S.E., H., and D. hugs from me. 😉

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