The Players

Keith Parish PictureKeith Parish: Acoustic Steel and Gut String Guitars, Percussion
Keith has had plenty of time and opportunities to hone his fingerstyle guitar craft. Beginning as a drummer at an early age he soon realized that an acoustic guitar was way more portable and measurably more effective at attracting girls than a drum kit. And so with the help of selected musician friends (some of whom are dear friends to this day), a copy of the two LP set “The Allman Brothers At Fillmore East”, and an after-school job stringing and playing guitars, he began to play. Acoustic was always more fun for him, especially after discovering finger picking and a percussive style that satisfied that “drum jones”. In the early days there were only a few original tunes, instead mainly covering other artists’ work and backing other muso buddies. Into the college years he met and briefly worked with a now lifelong friend arranging acoustic rhythm, fills, and leads for this prolific songwriter. And now, many years later he enjoys composing, collaborating, and creating musical soundscapes. Keith plays the same Martin D-18 that he spent everything he had for back in 1975, a sweet gut string guitar left to him in a friend’s will, a vintage 60s Fender Villager 12 string, and an assortment of LP and Meinl percussion instruments. And now, after a nineteen year tour of major southeastern US cities doing mostly non music, he is back in his beloved Mississippi where, with his Internet connection, instruments, and recording gear, he is writing more music and collaborating with more musicians than ever before.

Ed Credle Bio PictureEd Credle: Fretless Bass
Ed’s music morphed from drum in Jr. High band to choral and ensemble singing in High School. It was during the college days that he picked up his first bass guitar and has spent the years since backing various bands and worship teams. He and Keith had gone decades without contact — even though they sang in a guys sextet in high school together — before the social media revolution reunited them. Through a facebook message stream and perfect timing Ed traveled to Nashville in August 2012 to lay down the bass line for the opening song of the “What’s Gone Before” project.

Kevin Dukes PictureKevin Dukes: Lap Steel
One of Keith’s oldest and dearest friends and musical mentors, Kevin Dukes is a much-sought-after guitarist, a songwriter, arranger and producer based in Los Angeles, CA. As a guitarist he has recorded and performed with a virtual “who’s who” of popular music. As a session musician he has performed on hundreds of television and film soundtracks and themes, and hundreds of commercial advertising soundtracks. Employing his skills as a songwriter Kevin has composed music and lyrics for Platinum status recording artists Chicago and Meredith Brooks, Integrity Records Gold Record status artists Don Moen and The Tommy Coomes Band. Aside song placements on internationally released albums and feature films Kevin’s compositions have been heard around the world via placements by BMG, Universal publishing and LA Post Music in television soundtracks and films from Canada to Australia and Sweden to Israel.

Sam Levine Picture

Sam Levine: Clarinet
On any given day, Sam Levine might be playing for a film soundtrack, flute for Mandisa, clarinet for Wynonna, penny whistle for Amy Grant or saxophone for Lynyrd Skynyrd. As of Fall 2012, he had recently recorded for Vince Gill, Aaron Neville, The Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir, Carrie Underwood and Kenny Chesney. In his career he has played shows with Sammy Davis Jr., Mel Torme, Henry Mancini, Dolly Parton, Vince Gill, Reba McIntire, Michael McDonald, Al Jarreau, Liza Minnelli, Amy Grant, Toby Keith, Lynda Carter, Michael W. Smith and Larry Carlton. As an artist, Sam has more than 16 artist recordings on three different labels (Greenhill Music, Village Square and Brentwood Jazz).

Keith was thrilled to hear of Sam’s availability to work on this project since he and his wife and kids used the Sam Levine: Jazz From the Heart CD as standard getting up, getting ready Sunday morning music during the early child-rearing years. During Sam’s in studio performance on track 2 of the EP, Keith declared it via twitter as “the most beautiful clarinet solo of all time.”

Russ Pahl Picture

Russ Pahl: Pedal Steel
Originally from Minnesota, Russ Pahl moved to Nashville to play steel guitar. Since then, he has played with some of the biggest names in pop and country music as well as a lot of great people you’ve never heard of.

Always trying to expand the boundaries of the steel guitar, he tries to make every performance a new adventure.

Highly recommended by Producer/Engineer/Player Sarah Emily Parish, Russ came into the “What’s Gone Before” fold of players and quickly worked his unique brand of magic to stellar effect.

Sarah Emily Parish Bio PictureSarah Emily Parish: Drum Programming, Strings
Born in Memphis, Tennessee, Sarah Emily Parish spent her early years steeped in classical theory and performance before joining the staff of OmniSound Studios while still a teen. Learning first hand from many of the industry’s greatest engineers and producers, Parish combined her analytical classical background with real-world experience and contributed to countless projects during her six years at OmniSound as an engineer, producer, and eventually as studio manager. Sarah Emily lives in Nashville, Tennessee, where she is currently a staff songwriter for Big Deal Music and continues to engineer and produce for clients across the globe.

Jesse Snyder Bio PictureJesse Snyder: Acoustic Steel String Leads & Fills
Jesse’s life has so far been filled with music, change and evolution. He was born in Haiti during their revolution, moved to Kunming, China and during his 17 years there he was introduced to piano at age 5, went to Chinese public school, and studied electronic music composition. From China he found himself in Jerusalem, struggling through the Passover War and Intifada, then back to China again. Jesse eventually completed International High School in Kunming China, then moved to the United States to finish his undergraduate degree. While Jesse was completing his Bachelor of Arts degree in International Relations, he heard the music of guitarist Tommy Emmanuel, and began playing the guitar in earnest. His admiration and study of Emmanuel’s work led to an internship and subsequent employment on tour with Tommy Emmanuel in 2010. Through Tommy Emmanuel, Jesse was introduced to artist and performer Chase Foster and has worked with him on tour as well. Jesse lives in Nashville where his own career as an artist is in full gear and where he collaborates in songwriting and recording with a wide range of artists.

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