About “What’s Gone Before”

What's Gone Before Project GraphicIf you have ever thought about where you’ve come from, about what has made you uniquely who you are, then you have contemplated your roots. In the Spring of 2012, such contemplation was never far from me as I wrote the music featured on my maiden recording project entitled “What’s Gone Before”.

The five instrumental compositions on this recording  were each written out of a place of memory or history … or both. From a treaty signing on September 27, A.D. 1830 and how it has impacted me over one hundred, eighty years later, to a model of industriousness and hard work, to the joy of musical discovery, to the searing pain of the loss of a child, and finally to the acknowledgement that one can go through this hard life with head held up, in fixed — not blind — faith that it will all be for the good, this record is my American history in five parts.

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