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Guitar Ready in Iso Booth at StudioThis site is a place where I share what I’m thinking about the music that weaves itself in and out of my world. I will also talk about my take on the songwriting and performance spheres. But by design, it is a place where I will share some of my own, original instrumental music.

The first studio-grade recording of my music was released as an EP entitled “What’s Gone Before” on November 14, 2012. This five-song recording is a collection of original steel-string acoustic guitar tunes with some tasty instrumental contributions from my L.A. and Nashville muso buddies. The songs and the EP are available through most major digital download sites like iTunes and Amazon mp3. It is also available through CD Baby in physical media format. Click here to buy my music.

So check back here at keithparishmusic.com’s “Original Music” menu from time to time for new music. Also, if you’re RSS newsfeed savvy or want to subscribe to my Posts feed by Email, you may do so by selecting the appropriate icon at the top of the sidebar on the home page of this site.

Finally, so that you can get a feel for my music and also preview a bit of the “What’s Gone Before” project, click the link below for a sample.
“Dancing Rabbit” by Keith Parish

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