New Content Subscription Options in Sidebar

Social Sidebar DisplayI am very pleased to improve how easy it is to use the various ways of keeping up with what’s going on at I’ve done this by beefing up and tightening up what I’m calling my “social sidebar widget” at the top of the right-hand sidebar area (see the graphic at right).

As you can see, not only can you subscribe to my posts and the comments that come in on those posts via RSS newsfeed technology (implemented weeks ago), now you can subscribe to get the same content delivered to an email address you specify in a daily email digest. Just click the “Posts by Email” and “Comments by Email” links beside the little orange email icons in the sidebar, sign up, and within a day or so you will begin receiving emails whenever I post new content to the site or someone makes a comment on something on the site.

By the way, it should be said that your email address will never be given to anyone…ever.

Another aspect of the social sidebar widget on this site is that I’ve tightened up the RSS newsfeed subscription, email digest subscription, and “follow me” on twitter button to be all together, wasting no space, and easily seen at the top of the sidebar. It should be said though that if you’re visiting on a smartphone, the sidebar won’t be on the side, but near the bottom, after the site content that you’re viewing.

Finally, if you are not a twitter user, you can get a feel for what I’m tweeting by seeing the most recent dozen tweets in the scrollable KeithParishMuso twitter feed windoid in this consolidated sidebar area. Logo GraphicSo that’s it. I hope that this Independence Day goodie will help make you less dependent on having to open up a browser window, go to my site, and hunt around for stuff you’re interested in. Have fun and by all means, if you live in the U.S., shoot off some fireworks tonight for me (I’m doing so for you)!