New Artist Discovery: A Mass-Sent Email I Don’t Mind Getting

NoiseTrade Web ArtIf you’re like me, your email inbox is constantly being bloated with unwanted messages. Part of the Internet economy is junk email (spam) that we all fight in one way or another. But once in awhile, an unsolicited message comes through that is actually interesting; so much so that you want to know more.

I cannot remember the first time that an email referencing something called NoiseTrade showed up in my inbox or from whom it came, but I am certainly glad that it did. NoiseTrade is a site where artists put up albums to be downloaded by anyone who wants to, for free! If you like what you hear, you can tip the artist by sliding a slider on the artist’s NoiseTrade album page to choose the amount, and then execute the transaction, putting your money where your appreciation is.

Now, rather than being annoyed at yet another message from someone with whom I’ve tried to break an unwanted email subscription relationship, I eagerly open the latest NoiseTrade message. Often, I end up liking what I hear from the artist being featured and sometimes even get out my credit card to show my gratitude for broadening and enhancing my musical listening experience. In fact, some of my new favorite singer/songwriters are those introduced to me by NoiseTrade: Peter Bradley Adams, Angel Snow, and Graham Colton to name a few. And because of this service, I am not just a casual listener to Peter Bradley Adams, I would have to count myself a fan since I have twice now driven long distances to hear him perform live.

So in one more way that artists who never would have gotten a chance at broad distribution and fan adoption a decade or so ago can gain a distribution channel and attract fans, this great website is a gateway to some pretty great new music. I can’t recommend NoiseTrade any more highly!