Need to contact me?

Contact Menu GraphicI am pleased today to announce another enhancement. On the menu bar underneath my old Martin guitar’s strings, you will now find a Contact option. Simply click it in the menu bar and a form will open up by which you can contact me. You can also attach certain types of files (as described below the “Attach File” Browse button). If you attach a file, be sure to read the IMPORTANT NOTES ABOUT ATTACHING FILES TO YOUR MESSAGE above the form to avoid possible confusion about why it might appear that nothing is happening after you click the form submission button.

Finally, one more disclaimer concerning file attachments: Of the kinds of files allowed, the file size maximum is 4 megabytes. If we need to exchange files larger than that, send me a message via this contact form to that effect and I will arrange a private “drop box” type place for you to put it.

So, outside of publicly commenting on site content using the “Leave a reply” function below a posted item, you now have a private way in which to communicate with me. Thanks for your involvement in making this a dynamic and helpful place for you on things musical.