Nearing the Project’s End: What’s Gone Before

From the beginning of my What’s Gone Before project, I wanted to work together with the Choctaw people to produce a short film dedicated to and in memory of those Choctaw who lived and died during the Treaty of Dancing Rabbit Creek and what came afterward. A related goal was to travel to today’s Choctaw lands and say thank you for the collaboration. Shown here is my presentation of a memorial plaque celebrating the short film Dancing Rabbit Creek Revisted to Chief Gregory E. Pyle of the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma in his office on the morning of March 14, 2013.

The time that we spent together was very rich and included content contributors/editorial reviewers Lana Sleeper, Dr. Ian Thompson, and Ryan Spring all of the Choctaw Nation. Below is a photo of Chief Pyle discussing with me his ancestors’ travail, resettlement, hope and progress. It was inspiring indeed to have confirmed what I had come to believe: Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma people are generous with their time and talents, good at what they do, and eager always to move their people forward.

I will always be grateful for the incredible people with whom I worked in Oklahoma to make this project real and meaningful to us both.