“May my GarageBand speak to your ProTools please?”

Well, not exactly a one-on-one, unmediated conversation, but one facilitated by Gmail, me (representing GarageBand), and my audio engineer (representing ProTools). Together, the five of us plan on producing a fine tune.

GarageBand Session

This afternoon I spent some painstaking effort in identifying spots in said tune that need editing in ProTools. It may have gone faster if the two of us humans were in the same room just blowing through the tune sequentially and fixing stuff but alas, those days are in the past for many an artist who has to (gets to) work long distance with the other creative/technical players in the process of recording music.

I can’t help but wondering though, in the new music world of FTP, Dropboxes and Google Drives, has the community of artists, musicians, engineers, and producers lost something of value in music production that we will never get back?