Just in time, it’s a bedroom…no, it’s a…


In the picture below, never mind that corner-of-a-bed, chest of drawers, and those pictures of wee babes (parents sometimes like to hang those in their bedrooms); this room is clearly a lo-fi demo studio. It’s called “quick and dirty” or “just enough to remember my guitar/percussion parts when I actually get into the real studio…I’ve got a lousy memory” or “clearly, I’m not trying to impress anybody”.

And so the countdown continues. I’ve got a little more than twenty-four hours before I leave for Nashville. In the day and a half or so that I’ll have there before the sessions start on Saturday morning, I have to a) go to Fork’s Drum Closet on 12th Ave. and pick up some new percussion gear to be used on the tracking of my oldest song of the set, b) tighten up the layers of that percussion in rehearsal, c) finish rehearsing/arranging the guitars for that tune, and d) finish the script for my kickstarter.com video so that I will be ready to shoot it on Sunday (more on kickstarter in a future post).

So what does your “lo-fi” look like?
Picture of my "lo-fi" demo studio