It’s (and was) a Happy Friday!

Let’s face it, Fridays are great! After a week of hard work many of us get the luxury of letting down a bit and enjoying what we most enjoy at the week’s end. For me, one of the most fun things is playing music with friends. It’s been that way for a long time.

I remember back in high school how, all week long, I would anticipate Friday and the chance to go and hang with my buds and play music. We would go to Duncan Park in my home town of Natchez, Mississippi, park our backsides on the tops of picnic tables with our guitars on our knees and let loose with all the exuberance of youth and hope and, let’s be honest, good-looking girls. Now that I’m confessing, the magnetic effect of a guitar on an adolescent girl is probably the main reason I gave up drums for the more portable and attracting six string.

So anyway, there we’d be…Dan Frazier or Kevin Dukes and me with the occasional drop in of a few other players. Many a hot, sweaty afternoon and evening was spent there loving life, love, and guitars. Specifically the two guys I just mentioned were my biggest early musical influences and have about as much to do with the musician that I now am than anyone else save two (whom I’ll mention in future posts). And in honor of those two early pioneers…

Dan, Kev, I have just lifted a Cerveza Modelo Especial to you and all you mean to me. ¡Salud!

5 thoughts on “It’s (and was) a Happy Friday!

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    • The banjo player would have been there about the time you might have (LATE in the Duncan Park era) but I honestly don’t remember. If you were there, you can be very sure I wasn’t thinking about anybody playing banjo.

  2. God has blessed me with knowing you, and loving you…..
    I don’t have the words…

    • Thanks, Dan. We packed a lot of living into just a few, powerful years didn’t we?

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