I feel very strongly about this!

I have felt for a long time now that accompanying/collaborating musicians, session players, producers and engineers have been getting neglected (at best) and taken advantage of (at worst) when they play or otherwise contribute to recordings and get absolutely no credit for it. Remember liner notes (LPs) and color, fold-out inserts (CDs) that used to tell us this information? Well, because of the digital music production and distribution revolution, our ability to easily see who contributed their talents to a recording project has unfortunately gone the way of the dinosaur. Frankly, this stinks and hurts the income prospects of great players/producers/engineers who remain invisible and, therefore, not called by other artists and producers to contribute to other recordings!!!

And so, when I found out about the cause called “Give Fans the Credit” spearheaded by “The Recording Academy” (the organization behind the Grammys) I was very pleased to go to their site and sign a petition which they will take to recording industry leaders in an effort to convince them that it is past time to figure out how to make recording credits easily available and readily visible for all digitally distributed music. If you feel, like I do, that we have lost something very valuable in this regard in the evolution of digitally produced and distributed music, click the Grammy banner above to learn more.

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