Help the Economy: Support Your Local Music Venue

The U.S. economy is lousy. No news flash here. As you are able though, let me encourage you to spare a bit of your disposable income to put some money into the cash register of your favorite local live music hang. You’ll help, in many cases, a small business and give them hope that eventually, things are going to get better. And, of course, you’ll be an encouragement and support to your favorite artists.

Because things are tough, music venues are having to get creative in keeping the doors open and expanding and improving the experience of their loyal patrons. One of my favorite spots is doing just that. Check out their approach below and if you’re a Bottletree fan, consider supporting them.

Hey everyone! We just finished applying for this amazing small business grant. In order to get into the race, we need 250 votes before Saturday! It’s crazy but we can do it with YOUR help! Please take just a few minutes to visit the link below. You can log in with your facebook account in the bottom right, search “Bottletree Cafe” and click vote! Your vote will help us earn a chance to be considered for an amazing opportunity to do all sorts of renovations and expansions to our building to make coming out to shows or grabbing a bite an even better experience for YOU! Please spread the word and share this post! We can do this!