For all you RSS subscribers to my posts and comments…

For those of you who have subscribed to my site’s posts and comments via an RSS newsreader program (or maybe a Web-based RSS reader like Google’s soon-to-be-discontinued “Google Reader”), take note:

Because of Google Reader’s demise, and the fact that it has been my chiefly-recommended way of subscribing to RSS content, I started taking a hard look at how the disappearance of Reader effective 7/1/2013 would affect my site and its users. This led to a deeper question of how my site’s page and post addresses appear to you, the reader. The old way that my links appeared was very UNfriendly (numbers in the address that only meant something to my content management system [WordPress]). And so, I have converted my site’s addressing scheme to be more English-like.

Since the change, the feed addresses for both my posts and comments to those posts have changed also. So if your RSS feed no longer works, re-subscribe using a reader program (on your computer, tablet, or mobile device) other than Google Reader and you should be good to go to get updates in the future.

Sorry for the confusion.