Easy Steps: How to Give the What’s Gone Before Songs or CD This Gift-Giving Season

I just got a good question on facebook from a good friend. He asked, “How to I ‘gift’ What’s Gone Before?

I’m including my answers (depending on whether you want to give digital downloads or the actual CD) below.

  • Yes, you can gift it by doing the following

    1) Go to my “Shop” page: http://www.keithparishmusic.com/?page_id=886
    2) Click the “Download on iTunes” button (underneath the orange “Buy my CDs & Digital Downloads Here” banner)
    3) This takes you to an iTunes browser page with What’s Gone Before featured. Just underneath the album artwork, there is a “View In iTunes” button. When you click this, it should take you to your iTunes app (assuming you’ve got iTunes installed on your computer).
    4) Once you get into your iTunes app, you’ll be on my page with the What’s Gone Before album artwork and just underneath it a button called “$4.95 Buy Album”. Just immediately to the right of this button is a small down arrow button. If you click the down arrow button here, you’ll have the choice to “Gift This Album”.    Voila!!

  • OR… Using Amazon Digital Music

    You can go to this link and in the upper-right hand part of the browser window is a button called “Give album OR song as gift.” Click this button and it walks you through the process. http://www.amazon.com/Whats-Gone-Before/dp/B00A95U9TS/ref=sr_shvl_album_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1354317515&sr=301-1

  • OR… If you want to send somebody the actual CD as a gift, do the following:

    1) Go to this link on CD Baby https://www.cdbaby.com/cd/keithparish
    2) Click the “Buy CD-RP $9.97” button and read the following from CD Baby’s FAQ for how to “gift” it:
    Once you’ve added items to your cart and select the “checkout” button you’ll be able to give us a billing address (that’d be YOU) and a shipping address (the gift recipient).


    I hope that covers it all. Thanks for considering What’s Gone Before in your gift-giving this holiday season.