Early AM Rehearsal

Early Morning Rehearsal PictureIt’s early on a Saturday morning in Nashville, Tennessee. By the dim light in my daughter’s living room, I get myself ready to finish up the final recording sessions today for the project “What’s Gone Before”. After this, it’s mix, master, and pass it off to the next step in the production chain.

This process has been at once exciting, frustrating, humbling, maddening, and joyful. I talked to a singer/songwriter friend of mine just yesterday and he confided that for him too, on his latest recording project, there were some pretty tense moments at spots in the process. So apparently, I am normal in that regard.

So today, we finish up by first tracking woodwind on one of the tunes, then pedal steel on another, and finally my guitars and maybe a bit of percussion on the final cut on the record. It’s time for a bit of caffeine, some sustenance before heading out, and prayer.

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