Brain-Fried and Twisted

0415 hours. Eyes pop open. Mind races. No need to fight it. Get up.

After brewing the coffee and pouring a cup I sat down to satisfy my curiosity on several issues plaguing my mind this early morning: things like Kickstarter rewards, professional printing services, physical media production and distribution, whether people are the least interested in album credits anymore (what used to be called the “liner notes”), etc., etc., etc. It was, and is, a jumbled mess of thoughts, conflicting thoughts, project plan “To Do” lists, half written video scripts, and logistics planning.

And so the unsigned, lone wolf player/songwriter navigates the waters of producing a record. Not so much “Tongue-Tied and Twisted” as Nicky Holland sings about (click link below), but more “Brain-Fried and Twisted”.

NickyHolland Album Art
“Tongue-Tied and Twisted” by Nicky Holland

3 thoughts on “Brain-Fried and Twisted

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  2. Yesterday when hearing Nicky Holland, I tried to remember why we didn’t play her stuff as often as we use too. Her voice and the music is so pleasant and relaxing.

    • Indeed. Do you remember that the reason we got that record was that a Nashville buddy of Kevin’s produced/co-produced or something and Kevin played on some tracks?

      It IS nice and I enjoyed it as my first tunes of the early morning today.

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