A New Year. A New Day. A New Mission.

While I have made no resolutions for the new year, I can’t deny that the dawn of 2014 A.D. has left me scratching my head a bit.

Just when I was feeling a bit comfy as we near the end of the first month with the NFL playoffs and the run-up to the Super Bowl, Sunday night’s prime time network TV coverage of the Grammys landed like a bomb on the American pop culture scene. Both television events celebrate celebrity and those at the top of their respective entertainment niches but, so far, one pretty predictably outshines the other year in and year out for launching from its platform provocation and controversy among its viewers.

Football this time of year certainly can highlight extreme models of distaste and shame (think Richard Sherman, the Seattle Seahawks’ defensive cornerback who fully acted the fool at the end of their Super Bowl berth-clinching win). And whether it’s too much beer and bratwursts, or over-the-top-in-excess displays at Super Bowl parties or related festivities, pro football in January has to be viewed as tame when compared to all that surrounds music’s annual celebration of the best of the (?)best(?). Yes, the Super Bowl has had its moments over the years of being, well, not exactly family friendly in what it portrays during halftimes, pre-parties, and after-parties. But the reliably raunchy, risqué, and just plain wrong Grammys showed again this year why parents of kids certainly under about age 17 should occupy them elsewhere during the show and, frankly, seriously consider abstaining themselves since no one should feed on the diet that we saw laid out this past Sunday night.

A million essays by serious, thinking people could be written on what we saw in the 2014 Grammys but I will not add mine to the body of work just yet. Frankly, I am still processing the twerking, the burning at the staking, and the marrying that spilled into homes across the land. I felt a bit like John Bunyan’s Christian as he tried to process, deal with, and react to the town of Vanity Fair.

In all of it though, I am convinced that there is a right and righteous response that probably looks very different than most folks’ idea of what that response should be.

May I, may we, gain that response from on High and live it out with love.